SYNCO Wmic-TS UHF 1 Trigger 2 Wireless Microphone


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Key Features
  • For Journalists, Vloggers, YouTubers
  • 2 x Transmitters with Built-In Mic + Lav
  • Compact Dual-Channel Receiver
  • USB-Rechargeable 8.5-Hour Batteries
  • 492′ Range
  • Headphone Monitoring
  • Adjustable Gain on Receiver


SYNCO Wmic-TS UHF 1 Trigger 2 Wireless Microphone

SYNCO UHF wireless microphone system WMic-TS has 4 keywords, “professional”, “unique”, “innovative” and “adaptable”. The professional Wireless LinkLable UHF technology gives best-quality channel, unique Noise Blocker prevents interference of electromagnetic radiation, innovatively 180° foldable antennas carries a Microwave Integrated Circuit to ensure transmission of zero distortion and in long distance, and high/low output power gets the mic adaptable to different environments. It’s a best wireless microphone system to record dialogue, interviews, and speech to your video rig.

SYNCO Wireless LinkLable UHF Band

SYNCO WMic-TS operates under professional SYNCO Wireless LinkLable UHF band which analyzes and calculates the frequency data based on the built-in smart chip to give the best and cleanest channel and to support the 492ft/150m (line-of-sight) or 262ft/80m (non-line-of-sight) transmission.

SYNCO Noise Blocker

The unique SYNCO Noise Blocker works in the microphone wireless to improve the circuit layout. It locks out the interference of electromagnetic radiation from WIFI, Bluetooth, etc., reducing the environmental impact on sound pickup and ensuring a strong and solid transmission.

Big Innovations in Small Antennas

The professional wireless microphone antennas features the Microwave Integrated Circuit which guarantees the distortionless and long-distance transmission of microwave signals. It is innovatively 180° foldable, easy for users to carry around.

Selectable Output Power for Specific Conditions

The output power is high/ low, automatically/ manually selectable to provide particular power for certain distance. When it is high, the wireless microphone system could overcome interference in busy radio frequency conditions or long distance recording; otherwise, it would work in short range and save battery power.

Two-channel Recording for Mono/Stereo Output

The wireless lavalier microphone system support mono and stereo recording. In mono, the sounds from 2 transmitters are combined to achieve single output; in stereo, they are kept separately to either left or right side to be dual outputs. This allows you to record 2-people talking using 1 receiver and process each output later.

Professional Figures for Quality Recording

The 100Hz high-pass filter bypasses wind, current, and traffic noises. The 15-level gain control accommodates different inputs from smooth speaking to booming sound. The 1300mAh Li-ion battery supports 8.5-hour continued working. The quick charger accepts 3-in-1 (1RX+2TX) full charge in 3 hours.

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