SYNCO Vlogger Kit 2


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Key Features
  • Includes Mic-M1S Shotgun Mic
  • Includes W49 Vlogger Light
  • Includes Smartphone Holder
  • Includes 360° Mini Tripod
  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • 49 Individual LEDs
  • Includes Shock Mount
  • Includes 3.5mm Phone Cable


  • SYNCO Vlogger Kit 2

    Designed for mobile video creators, the Vlogger Kit 2 from SYNCO combines necessary items to help users produce content for social media. Included in this kit is a Mic-M1S Shotgun Mic, a W49 Vlogger Light, a Smartphone Holder, a 360° Mini Tripod, a 3.5mm Phone Cable, and a Shock Mount.

    The shotgun mic features a cardioid pickup pattern to help reduce ambient noise, plus improved shock absorption to help reduce vibrations, while the vlogger light uses 49 individual LEDs to provide illumination, with a color temperature of 5000K. The light also has three cold shoe mounts, which can be used to mount accessories such as a mic, and the included smartphone holder helps stabilize handheld or stationary use. To better realize various filming angles, a mini tripod has a ball head that may be adjusted 360°. Also included is a shock mount and a 3.5mm phone cable.

    General Features

    All-in-One Vloggin Kit

    What most mobile video creators desire is premium content with the simplest equipment. The SYNCO Vlogger Kit combines all necessary things you require in a kit to help you produce amazing videos.

    Improved Sound Quality

    With a larger condenser (Φ14) to catch more detailed audio signals, the SYNCO Mic-M1S shotgun microphone outputs natural sound with less self-generated noise. A cardioid polar pattern helps reduce ambient noise. The upgraded shock absorption design helps diffuse the vibrations with four rubber rings and ensures smooth recording for run-and-gun filming. A plug-and-play and button-free design contributes to fast setup and simple operation.

    Compact Fill Light

    The mini LED video light in Vlogger Kit 2 integrates all control in just one dial, including switch and adjustment on light effect. The light in 5000K color temperature is very close to daylight, for soft brightness and eye care. It provides natural light for live streaming. The fill light carries three cold shoe mounts, making it convenient for installing microphone or other devices. This light also operates using AA batteries, so you can film without having to worry about charging.

    Easy Installation

    The SYNCO Vlogger Kit 2 provides a smartphone holder, which is lightweight and good for shooting with your cell phone while on the go. The mini tripod features a 360° swivel ball head for various filming angles.
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