SYNCO MA38 Adjustable Microphone Arm Stand


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Key Features


  • SYNCO MA38 Adjustable Microphone Arm Stand

    • Built-in design. Simple and elegant

      Cable built-in design gives you a more clean and tidy desk than others whose are exposed to the outside. Internal spring can support your boom arm in a hidden way and achieve effortless positioning, keeping the mic arm stand from wobbling.

      Ergonomic design. Flexible Adjustment

      The two scissor arms demonstrate a magic ergonomic breakthrough. Two 17.7in (450mm) scissor arms extend your recording distance and are very flexible to maneuver. With 150 Degree foldable arm add 360 Degree swivel mount, MA38 makes astonishing audio experiences possible with great precision.

      Upgraded Desk Clamp. Power hold

      SYNCO MA38 comes with a C-style clamp, designed for tightly grasping surface up to 2.36in (60mm) thick without punching your desk, making the arm stand more stable. The metal tray is flat so that it can protect your desk from scratch when you loosen or tighten the knob.

      Universal Compatibility. User friendly

      The top of stand equips with universal 5/8″ threaded adapter, compatible with the Blue Yeti, Snowball mic and most standard-sized microphones. With the max diameter of 1.38in(35mm), the clip can hold your microphone tightly and prevent it from accidental dropping, noise generation and shaking.

      Compact design. Heavy duty carry

      The gross weight is 2.65lbs(1.2kg) with a max bearing weight of 2.4lbs(1.1kg), lightweight and portable, yet firmly attach the microphone anywhere. Great in instruments makes it an ideal mic for personal studios, voice/music studio, broadcasting station and TV stations, etc.

      Synco Audio MA38 Features

      • Internal 3M XLR cable and spring make your desktop tidy and orderly
      • The arms are made of high quality iron and the base is made of aluminum alloy, durable and sturdy
      • 150 Degree foldable arm and 360 Degree swivel mount, flexible and easy to maneuver
      • Being exceptionally light in weight for its gross weight of 2.65lbs (1.2kg)
      • Universal 5/8″ Threaded Adapter and microphone clip, strong compatibility
      • C-style clamp, Install and dismantle by spinning, a saving of time and labor
      • Being applied to radio broadcasting, webcasting and recording, versatility
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