SYNCO Lav-S6R Omnidirectional XLR Lavalier Microphone


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Key Features


  • SYNCO Lav-S6R Omnidirectional XLR Lavalier Microphone

    SYNCO Lav-S6R is an omnidirectional XLR lavalier microphone, with high sensitivity and low self-noise for capturing clear, natural sound. This mic works with XLR-equipped cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, and mixers that can supply 48V power. Suitable for video recording, interviews, presentations, live streaming, vlogging, etc.

    Enhanced Output for Better Sound The SYNCO S6R lavalier microphone has a 3-pin XLR balanced output. 2 signal conductors, each carrying 2 copies of identical sound waves of opposite polarity. This really helps isolate unwanted noise and provides a clear, clean signal. SYNCO Lav-S6R Boosts Output for Better Sound

    High Sensitivity for Capturing the Target Signal XLR lavalier microphone picks up sound evenly from all directions. The sensitivity remains high at -30dB ± 1dB 0dB = 1V / Pa, 1KHz, ensuring relatively high signal levels, accurate target signal capture and clear sound output.

    Metal Construction The all-metal tube allows the XLR microphone to protect itself from nearly any radio frequency interference, in addition to building a strong line feel and providing long-term use. Even so, the microphone for the XLR remains compact and weighs only 66g, making it easy to carry around.

    Long Cable for Free Movement 6-meter XLR microphone cable to provide freedom of action and ensure fast and stable distortion-free signal transmission thanks to its splash-resistant material.

    Just Plug and Play The S6R professional XLR lavalier microphone is powered directly by the 48V phantom power of any audio and video device with an XLR connector. It starts working once connected to the device. No battery and no more adjustments needed!