Match Technical Bug-O Soft Shutter Release Button (Red Lady Bug, Long Stem)


Key Features
  • Easy-to-Find Raised Shutter Release
  • 10mm Wide Shutter Release Button
  • Convex Shutter Button Profile
  • Shutter Button Reduces Camera Shake


Match Technical BUG-O-L-R Overview

The red lady bug Bug-O Soft Shutter Release Button from Match Technical gives you the ability to find a recessed shutter button on the camera while not looking away from the viewfinder. Camera shake is also minimized, which enables you to take a picture at slower shutter speeds without the worry of camera blur.

The button’s long stem is compatible with Fujifilm’s X-series cameras, traditional cameras, and Leica’s M10 and older cameras. Because of the long stem, it clears the collar that surrounds the shutter button on the camera body. Therefore, the button’s convex profile raises the height of the camera’s shutter button making it easy-to-find.

Once the Soft Shutter Release Button is screwed in, the button’s CNC machined brass threads, which are not easily broken off, does not bind to the shutter button. An O-ring under the enamel head of the button keeps it completely secure to the camera when it is tightened down. In addition, the enamel button has been painted with a red lady bug theme in a high-quality gloss paint.


Leica: M10 and older camerasFujifilm: X-series camerasTraditional film cameras