KATA Access 16 PL Holster


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KATA Access-16 PL Holster

The Pro-Light Access-16 PL is a multi-featured professional holster designed to provide the best carrying, storage and working solutions. Lightweight and Protective it will cater to the smallest detail of a professional’s working needs.

Specially formed foam encased spring steel Spine Guard runs down the front of the bag for ultimate structural protection. Light yet durable RipStop fabrics & meshes, Aeriform foams and Spider Webbing straps all join together to create a protective and light holster, and the fantastic modularity allows you to make it even lighter by simply removing components that are not necessary for your everyday work.

In true holster fashion the Access provides rapid “pull to shoot” opening to a main compartment that holds a small to medium Pro DSLR with a 16-35 lens attached.

Large and small side pockets enjoy a low profile/high capacity design and will hold additional lenses, flash or other accessories by simply utilizing the internal space left on both sides of the main camera and lens set-up.

When needed the bag can be elongated by unzipping a bottom extension (please note that the extension is not padded and hence extra caution is advised when this is in use).

Includes items to enhance performance such as:

  • Double-sided Elements Cover for protection in all weather and environment conditions come rain or sunshine.
  • GSS Gecko Shoulder Strap and belt connection slot.


Unique features

Kata designed and patented numerous innovations that allow you to carry and operate your equipment with greater ease and efficiency. These details give you easier access to your equipment when using it, and greater freedom of movement when carrying.

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