Fujifilm MCEX-16 Macro Extension Tube



Specification :

  • for Fujifilm X-Mount
  • Shortens Minimum Focus Distance of Lens
  • Autofocus and Auto Exposure Functionality
  • Sturdy Metal Mount
  • For Fujifilm X-Mount Lenses and Cameras
  • Fujifilm MCEX-16 16mm Extension Tube is is a dedicated extension tube that is designed exclusively for XF and XC lenses and X-series cameras. Mounting an extension tube between a lens and a camera body increases the distance between the lens elements and the sensor enabling users to focus closer than the normal minimum focus distance of the lens.

    This 16mm extension tube features electronic contacts that pass information between Fujinon X-Mount lenses and Fujifilm X-series camera bodies and retains autofocus and auto exposure capability. When am extension tube is attached, the focus range of the lens is limited so users can also find a focus point by moving the camera forward and backward.

    The mount rings of the tube are made of solid metal and designed to precisely fit the X-series lenses and cameras, also the look and feel of the tube seamlessly blends with the X-Series line of compact system cameras. The below table details the minimum working distance and minimum focus distance of compatible X-mount lenses with and without the extension tube attached.

    Magnification of Macro Extension Tube

    • Shortens minimum focus distance of attached lenses for close-up and macro photography

    • Features electronic contacts to retain autofocus and auto exposure capabilities

    • Metal mount ring for durability and precision

    • Designed exclusively for the XF and XC lenses and X-series cameras

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