FotoPro X-Go Features

  • Made with the 100% highest quality carbon fiber. Carbon fiber tripods, at aluminum tripod prices

  • Ultra light, just 2.2 lbs, but strong and stable

  • Compact size, convenient for traveling

  • Monopod Convertible

  • 3 angle position

  • The spiked legs will ensure you have stable footing on any surface

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The X-Go is a compact carbon fiber tripod that’s made for the outdoors. It can convert between a tripod and monopod within seconds. It includes the FPH-42Q ball head and is the perfect lightweight, sturdy and compact tripod for travel.

Available in 3 Sizes
We’re happy to offer 3-separate sizes to accommodate your specific needs. X-Go, X-Go Plus and X-Go Max.

Tripod/Monopod Convertible
You can quickly convert the tripod into a monopod by removing one of the tripod legs and attaching the ball head.

Adjustable Leg Positions
The tripod legs can be adjusted to 3 different positions based on the terrain you’re working on: standard, wide and ultra-wide.

Ball Head Included
The right ball head makes all the difference. The precision and strength of our ball heads is unrivaled.

Included Accessories
Each tripod includes a mold and fungus resistant carry case that you can confidently use in any environment.

Hidden Spikes
X-Series tripods are ready to handle any environment. The spiked legs will ensure you have stable footing on any surface.

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