B+W UV Haze MRC Nano 010M XSP 58 (1066120)


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B+W UV Haze MRC Nano 010M XSP 58

B+W 010 MRC nano XS-Pro Digital UV Filter

Made in Germany – by Schneider Kreuznach

Professional UV Filter with high-quality MRC nano multicoating
This Filter blocks UV light and prevents abbreviations like a blue tint and fuzziness. The pictures are sharper and the contrast stronger. That makes the filter perfect for taking pictures in the mountains or at the sea where the UV light is very strong. Since the filter is colour neutral and offers almost perfect transmission of light, it can stay permanently on the lens in order to protect it against sand, splash water or impact.

Scratch-resistant, non-reflective MRC nano multicoating offering lotus effect
The filter is made of high-quality Schott glass. The filter glass is totally plane-parallel and void of micro irregularities which could cause partial fuzziness. The both-sided MRC nano multicoating makes the filter glass extremely scratch-resistant, non-reflective and enhances the transmission of light. Furthermore the coating effects a so called lotus effect which makes the glass neutral to adhesion, so that water rolls off and any dirt can easily be wiped away.

High-precision slim frame – suitable for wide angle lenses
The filter has a CNC cut slim frame made from brass. The frame is very sturdy, accurately fitting and can be attached without jolting. Due to the low height you could even use the filter for wide angle lenses. The minimum focal length for full frame cameras is about 20mm, for APS-C crop cameras (1,6x) it is about 12mm.


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